Welcome to Gillian Sabatia Foundation (G.S.F)

"Our parents were once young and vibrant as we are today. It's our responsibility to make them comfortable, healthy and happier in their old age, to allow them live their full life spans with diginity."

So, What Makes Us Unique?

We are a Non-Profit Organization aimed at offering the best Geriatric & Home-Care to the elderly.


We Are Honest & Dependable

We prefer to do all our activities with pure honesty by relying on you as our supporters

We Are Always Improving

We are never short of ideas on how best we can improve the lives of the elderly.

We Are Passionate

We are simply passionate about what we do, and that is taking care of the elderly amongst us in the society.

We Are Determined

We are determined to offer more than just good care and homes for the elderly.

Our Awesome Team Behind G.S.F

Mr. Edward Sabatia - Kenya
Mr. Edward Sabatia
Eunice Mikhali - Kenya
Mrs.Eunice Mikhali
Gillian Sabatia - Kenya
Mr. Gillian Sabatia
Prof. Wolfgang Jahnke - Germany
Prof. Wolfgang Jahnke
Sarah Ng'endo Mbugua - USA
Sarah Ng'endo Mbugua
USA Director
James Mungai Mbugua - Kenya
James Mungai Mbugua
European Director
Alice Kiama - Kenya
Alice Kiama
John Kisali Mutwa - Kenya
John Kisali Mutwa
Kazia Ngina Mbugua
Kazia Ngina Mbugua
Ag Secretary
Nancy Wanyama
Nancy Wanyama
Clinical officer Incharge of Medicine
Prof. John Gowland Mwangi PhD., DDG Deputy Vice Chancellor
Prof. John Gowland Mwangi PhD.,
DDG Deputy Vice Chancellor Egerton University (Research & Extension). GSF Vice President
Niver Vuguza Olichiri
GSF Secretary

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The dawn of a new era in elderly care.


We are determined to usher in a new era in how the elderly will be taken care of in the future by offering the best of home care and Geatric services to all.

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The proposed project design illustrations will give you a clear picture of what Gillian Sabatia Foundation will look like. 



Your donation will go a long way.

Gillian Sabatia Foundation dream will only be realized once we all come together to see to it that this worthy course has taken off.

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